Port Ambrose LNG Back in Play Again!

Wind energy or volatile liquefied natural gas (LNG)? This article is astute in pointing out that it’s much easier to get an import terminal approved and built, then “flip” to an export facility. It requires a much less rigorous review by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. It’s exactly the kind of deceptive ploy that the Gas industry thrives on.

buoyRemember Port Ambrose, the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) marine port that Liberty Natural Gas LLC has proposed for the ocean off Long Beach and Jones Beach? Last July, 2013, a packed public hearing took place at the Allegria Hotel in Long Beach. The vast majority of attendees were opposed to the project and vocal. The town at that point still showed visible signs of the damage from Superstorm Sandy, with many of the businesses not yet reopened.

At a community meeting held at the Long Beach Library this past Wednesday night, the city has recovered nicely, but the sentiments against Port Ambrose were unchanged. Sane Energy Project and New Yorkers Against Fracking were invited to present about the project by local advocate, All Our Energy. The mandate from residents has been the same every time we’ve visited Long Beach: kill the LNG port and build the wind farm.

lng kim map

That’s right: there’s a…

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