Coalition Calls on Governor Wolf to Stop Fracking Statewide After Parks Ban

By Pennsylvanians Against Fracking

Pennsylvanians Against Fracking regards Governor Tom Wolf’s reinstatement of the moratorium on state forest and park drilling to be an important first step in protecting Pennsylvania from fracking, but continues its call for an end to fracking everywhere in the state.

“Today’s decision, just days after hundreds of Pennsylvanians rallied at Governor Wolf’s inauguration for a ban on fracking, is evidence of the power of the movement to stop fracking in our state,” said Jenny Lisak, of Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Water and Air, a member of the Pennsylvanians Against Fracking steering committee. “Keeping fracking out of state parks is welcomed news, but I am fearful that the negative impacts of this process will be concentrated in communities already being harmed. We must stop fracking around the state.”

Wolf publicly criticized then-Governor Tom Corbett for the decision he made last May to lift the moratorium on state forests and, for the first time, open state park land to fracking. A petition the Wolf campaign circulated at the time said, “In 2010, a moratorium was placed on fracking in Pennsylvania public lands because an exhaustive scientific study concluded that further drilling would irreparably harm the state forests and parks.”

Since then, an avalanche of studies on fracking has emerged. Last month, New York banned fracking based on review of over 400 peer-reviewed studies.

“Clearly, Governor Wolf based today’s decision on his willingness to listen to the scientific evidence we had 2010. We’re confident that if he listens to the current science, he’ll have no choice but to protect all Pennsylvanians and end fracking statewide,” said Karen Feridun, of Berks Gas Truth, another member of the Pennsylvanians Against Fracking steering committee.

“Our organization works in Washington, Butler, Green and Fayette Counties, where there are hundreds of families who have been without potable water for more than five years,” said Briget Shields of Marcellus Protest and Friends of the Harmed. “Tom Wolf should protect the people of this commonwealth, not just the parks and forests.”

Pennsylvanians Against Fracking is a statewide coalition of nearly 100 organizations, institutions, and businesses calling for an end to fracking. For more information, visit

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