Aftermath of Oil Train Derailment in West Virginia

Rails glow red hot and fire still smolders Tuesday at the site of a derailed oil train in Fayette County on Tuesday. A home was incinerated in the oil-fueled fire after the derailment, leaving only its foundation. A man escaped from the home and was treated for possible respiratory problems./Photo by Charleston Daily Mail

A CSX train transporting volatile crude from North Dakota’s Bakken shale derailed in Fayette County, West Virginia on February 16. Explosions rocked nearby houses and oil spilled into the Kanawha River.

The Charleston Daily Mail reports that ice may have kept the oil from contaminating the Kanawha River:

The frigid temperatures and rapid snowfall that slowed the emergency response to an oil train derailment near Mount Carbon on Monday may have helped contain the oil that spilled, according to CSX and state officials.

The office of West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin provided aerial photos of the wreckage:

_DSC4291 csx wreck

DSC_2700 csx wreck

DSC_2695 csx wreck

DSC_2668 csx wreck

DSC_2654 csx wreck


1 thought on “Aftermath of Oil Train Derailment in West Virginia

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    Crude oil from Canada and North Dakota rolls through cities, wetlands, rookeries, and along lakes and rivers. Both the crude and the way it is transported are more dangerous than they need to be. The oil can be stabilized before being loaded. This process makes it less likely to explode If the train derails. But the oil companies do not want to pay for stabilization, and no regulator can compel them. The tank cars can be reinforced. That makes them less likely to break open if they tip over. But the shippers do not want to pay for upgraded cars, and they cannot be made to upgrade. The trains could be shorter and travel more slowly. The Federal
    Railroad Administration can make this happen, but soothing lobbyists assure them that health, safety, and a love for the environment are the railroads’ prime concerns, certainly not profit.
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