Cove Point Protectors Interrupt Monthly FERC Meeting

By Jimmy Betts, We Are Cove Point

Beyond Extreme Energy (BXE) coalition, which is challenging FERC’s approval of Dominion Resources LNG export terminal project at Cove Point, MD, peacefully protested at the first of four technical conferences focused on EPA’s Clean Power Plan.  BXE’s activists are concerned about the inherent environmental and climate disruptions not being addressed by FERC and the health and safety of communities impacted by FERC’s industry-appeasing permitting process of fracked gas infrastructure.

In a room full of industry stakeholders, not citizens or the general public, BXE delegates shed jackets, sweaters, and other winter wear to reveal red shirts of solidarity emblazoned with the words “FERC Doesn’t Work,” chanted “Gas is Dirty!  Wind and Solar, Now!”, and sang songs of global climate solidarity, community-sourced solutions, and non-fracked gas energy futures.  This is an ongoing campaign of escalated actions organized by communities negatively impacted by FERC and activated citizens from all walks of life; including communities where fracking is precipitated by FERC projects.

By Lee Stewart

Today a group of Cove Point protectors made their presence felt at the monthly FERC Commissioners’ Public Meeting. They wore red shirts emblazoned with the words “FERC Doesn’t Work,” and held up signs about fracked gas and how it’s a dirty form of energy. Following the Public Meeting, a technical conference was held in which the EPA presented on the Clean Power Plan and the commissioners had a chance to ask questions. Protectors met each utterance of the word “gas” with the chant “gas is dirty.” This happened twice during the first hour of the conference in a call and response manner before the group exited the conference room with a bang. As they moved slowly to the doors, they sung about climate change and renewable energy, and chanted about the harms of fracked gas. Join us as we escalate over the course of the coming year! Check out the following two websites to find out how.

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