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A Native American protest to stop a PA pipeline


By Natasha Khan, PublicSource

Chief Carlos Whitewolf beat a small hand drum and sang a Native American prayer for Mother Earth in the cold January air in Hershey, Pa.

Many of the 50 or so other protesters outside the Hershey Lodge, where national Republican leaders attended a retreat, demonstrated against issues like the Keystone XL pipeline and climate change.

But Whitewolf, chief of the Northern Arawak Tribal Nation of Pennsylvania, was objecting to something more local. In nearby Lancaster County, it’s the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline project. Continue reading A Native American protest to stop a PA pipeline


Putting Quality-of-Life Issues at the Core of Environmental Movement

Print by Ricardo Levins Morales
Print by Ricardo Levins Morales
Symposium participants share stories, strategies of taking on big industry, agriculture.

By Rona Kobell, Bay Journal

When a large energy company came to Myersville, MD, in 2011 requesting permission to build a compressor station for its natural gas delivery, Ann Nau and her neighbors thought they’d win the fight to keep it out.

Dominion Transmission, a subsidiary of Virginia-based Dominion Resources, hoped to build the station less than one mile from the Frederick County, MD, town’s only elementary school. Nau, who had a child at the school, worried about air emissions from the 16,000-horsepower station. She worried about overwhelming the town’s small fire department, about traffic on its small-town roads, noise and fumes.

The neighbors organized a group, Myersville Citizens for a Rural Community. They wrote letters. They packed public meetings. And when the town zoning board unanimously denied the zoning variance Dominion needed, Nau and her neighbors rejoiced. Continue reading Putting Quality-of-Life Issues at the Core of Environmental Movement

Meet the Insurgents on the Front Line of America’s Fracking War

By Peter Rugh, VICE

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made headlines at the end of last year when he announced a ban on hydraulic fracking in his state. That was unquestionably a victory for environmentalists, but in neighboring Pennsylvania, however, fracking is still underway. This summer, I visited the northeastern region of the Keystone State to see what the the front lines of America’s shale gas boom looks like.

Far off the radar of Google Maps, I found Craig Stevens mowing the front lawn on his 115-acre property in Susquehanna County. Craig, a former National Rifle Association recruiter, hasn’t had a drink from his faucet in about a year and a half, and for good reason.

“Blood started shooting out of my face,” he told me at his home, licking the sweat off of his gray mustache. “The water started tasting like metal. Slightly at first, then it got stronger. I had spontaneous nosebleeds. Eight of them over two weeks. I couldn’t figure out what it was, but the day I stopped drinking the water is the day the nosebleeds stopped.” Craig had the water tested. “Barium and strontium levels are through the roof,” he said. Continue reading Meet the Insurgents on the Front Line of America’s Fracking War