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Toxicologist Investigates Illnesses Near Minisink Gas Compressor

Resident says family suffering maladies
Milennium's gas compressor station in  Minisink was built 18 months ago. /Photo Times Herald-Record
Millennium’s gas compressor station in Minisink was built 18 months ago. /Photo Times Herald-Record

By Jessica Cohen, Times Herald-Record

TOWN OF MINISINK – Public health toxicologist David Brown does not call his work with people living around gas compressor stations “research.”

“When people are sick, you don’t do a study. You find out what they’re sick from,” he said.

Brown is a founder of the Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project, a nonprofit group begun in 2011, initially devoted to providing public health information and services related to natural gas extraction in Washington County. Continue reading Toxicologist Investigates Illnesses Near Minisink Gas Compressor

Dominion Builds Dangerous Gas Facility in Cove Point Neighborhood

By Margaret Flowers, We Are Cove Point

For decades, there has been a mostly dormant liquefied gas (LNG) import facility in the community of Cove Point on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay in Southern Maryland. Surrounded by forest on conservation land and across the street from residential homes and neighborhoods, the huge white storage tanks are only visible from the opening at the plant’s entrance. It used to be that locals hardly gave the facility a thought. The area is known for its Calvert Cliffs, where 12-million-year-old fossils from the Miocene Era are plentiful, for its historic light house, beaches, fishing and boating, and for the usual activities of community life. Continue reading Dominion Builds Dangerous Gas Facility in Cove Point Neighborhood

Pennsylvania Town Says No to Four Times More Pollution, Noise

Photo by Tim Wynkoop
Photo by Tim Wynkoop

By Edward Sieger, The Express-Times

About 20 Forks Township residents and activists gathered outside the Columbia Gas compressor station Saturday afternoon in the township’s northern tier to protest a proposed expansion that will more than quadruple the facility’s horsepower.

Lining the road outside the Klein Road facility that moves natural gas to market, protesters held signs declaring “How Long Can You Hold Your Breath” and “Folks Who Favor Fracking Must be Sent Packing.” Some protesters sported gas masks and an armed security guard stood near a car parked in the property’s driveway before moving back behind locked gates.

Pacing the road with a megaphone in hand, Sam Koplinka-Loehr with the Clean Air Council led the group in chants that could be heard echoing over the predominantly rural landscape.

“Columbia, can you hear us?” Koplinka-Loehr said into the megaphone. “We have a message for you. Stop messing with our air.” Continue reading Pennsylvania Town Says No to Four Times More Pollution, Noise

Cove Point Still Not Done Deal, Must Be Stopped

Photo by John Zangas
Entrance to Cove Point facility. One of seven LNG tanks is in the background/Photo by John Zangas

By Linda Morin, We Are Cove Point

Recent news articles, in my opinion, paint a rosy picture for the liquefied natural gas export terminal at Dominion Cove Point, but I believe there is more to the story.

The rapid drop in oil prices, from $100 a barrel to under $50 in January, has wide impacts, including on the export of gas. In December, Excelerate Energy in Texas decided to stop construction of its export terminal because of these economics. Dominion’s terminal seems on shaky ground. Solar and wind energy are becoming cost-competitive. Communities all over the country, including Cove Point, are resisting projects like this one. Proposed and even partially built fossil fuel infrastructure is being abandoned.

The Calvert Recorder article “Dominion divulges construction plan details” [Dec. 31] touts the short-term construction jobs, but fails to note that when completed, only 75 permanent jobs will be created. I believe many concerns remain about the impact on the local economy that are not being discussed, including a potential increase in health care costs, infrastructure costs, reduced property values and negative impacts on tourism. Continue reading Cove Point Still Not Done Deal, Must Be Stopped

Fracking Impacts Without Drilling

Photo: Staging site for construction of Myersville compressor station/Anne Meador

By Ann M. Nau, Center for Health, Environment & Justice

In talking about ‘fracking’, oftentimes the industry tries to limit the discussion to the actual process of injecting liquid at high pressure into rock formations to extract gas. However, there is a broad network of infrastructure that is required to support that process, including storage facilities, compressor stations, metering stations, processing facilities, gathering lines, and intrastate and interstate pipelines. And regulatory oversight of those components falls to various local and federal agencies, if it is regulated at all. Very generally speaking, activities related to drilling fall under state authority while the federal government has oversight of interstate pipelines and associated facilities.  And what that means for towns like Myersville is that while there is currently no fracking in Maryland, the natural gas boom has already negatively affected our community.

Continue reading Fracking Impacts Without Drilling