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Local Jobs Promised by Dominion Go to Outside Bidders

Lambertine Jones, Jr.

By Marty Madden, Baynet

Prince Frederick, MD – For Lambertine Jones Jr. the whole situation is an example of a promise that was broken. The Chesapeake Beach resident who owns LJ Enterprises, a hauling contractor, said talk that the lucrative Dominion Cove Point Export project would give various sub-contracts to Calvert County businesses was apparently just that—talk.

“When this project was promoted I walked away with the understanding that Calvert businesses would have first priority,” Jones told the Calvert County Commissioners during their Tuesday, Jan. 27 meeting. “This is not happening.”

Jones told the board that he has spoken with other Calvert County contractors, all of whom claim their trucks are parked and not involved in the $3.8 billion project to construct a liquefaction facility at the Cove Point Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Plant.

“No Calvert trucks are involved in this project,” Jones declared. Continue reading Local Jobs Promised by Dominion Go to Outside Bidders