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Environmental Study Shows Potential Risk from Pipeline Construction

By Bob Stuart, News Virginian

WAYNESBORO — A study requested by an Augusta County supervisor identifies potential risks of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline construction to county groundwater and surface water resources, and also measures the millions of gallons of water flowing from the county annually to adjacent counties.

Tracy Pyles said Tuesday that he wants the study to be presented later this year to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission when FERC visits Augusta County. FERC is the federal licensing agency for the natural gas pipeline, which would extend 554 miles from West Virginia through Virginia to North Carolina when constructed. Continue reading Environmental Study Shows Potential Risk from Pipeline Construction

Trail Guardians Worried About Pipelines

Map_MV_ACP_App_ConnectorBy Laura Belleville, Roanoke Times

For the past 90 years, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy has served as a guardian of the nearly 2,200-mile Appalachian National Scenic Trail. Today, we are faced with one of the most challenging threats ever to the integrity of the trail: a series of proposals to build new petroleum pipeline corridors across the trail to transport natural gas. We want to offer additional points for consideration relevant to the article “Landowner rights vs. public need” (Nov. 9 news story). Continue reading Trail Guardians Worried About Pipelines

Look Beyond the Confines of Natural Gas

Note: One of the most pervasive and insidious myths shoring up fracking is that natural gas is the “clean bridge fuel.” Even many environmentalists persist is using the industry’s propaganda term “clean” to refer to natural gas, often calling it “cleaner than coal.”  Burning gas is not “clean” or “cleaner than” using other fossil fuels. This is a myth that needs to be shattered. The following is one piece which penetrates the fog.

By Leslie Garcia, Calvert Recorder

In his letter to the editor [“There are benefits to natural gas,” Jan. 23, The Calvert Recorder], Mr. Tom Forgette of St. Leonard wrote that natural gas is “the most environmentally friendly fuel (in Calvert County, the U.S. and the world),” and that it “can reduce the rate of global warming and, hence, have a positive impact on the world.”

I believe the truth lies elsewhere. Continue reading Look Beyond the Confines of Natural Gas

Fear of Explosions, Leaks Fuels Struggle Against Gas Pipelines

By Steve Smith, Hartford Courant

The opposition to the expansion of the Algonquin Natural Gas Pipeline, managed by Spectra Energy, Inc., is growing, as the proposed upgrades to the pipeline become more imminent.

Those opposed to the pipeline cite the fact that pipelines leak and sometimes even explode.

On Jan. 26, a gas pipeline in Brooke County, West Virginia exploded, sending a ball of flames hundreds of feet into the air. No one was hurt in the incident, which remains under investigation. Three other incidents occurred on U.S. pipelines in January, including another explosions in Mississippi, a leak in Montana that spilled 50,000 gallons of crude oil into the Yellowstone River, and 3 million gallons of saltwater drilling waste that spilled from a North Dakota pipeline. Continue reading Fear of Explosions, Leaks Fuels Struggle Against Gas Pipelines

Protests Target FERC, DNC Headquarters

By John Zangas

Environmental advocates used their bodies to block entrances to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on Monday and called for an end to its so-called rubber stamp polices. The agency issues permits to interstate natural gas pipelines, gas compressor stations and LNG facilities.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) dispatched dozens of uniformed officers to manage the crowd, but for over an hour they were unable to remove the hundreds of protesters. There were 25 arrests and no reports of injuries.

Video of FERC blockade

Protesters assembled into three groups, spreading themselves between several entrances at the agency. They set up a colorful mock cardboard village, erected 15-foot signs and locked and chained themselves to concrete buckets. One of the protest groups blocked the entrance of  FERC’s driveway, tying up traffic. Continue reading Protests Target FERC, DNC Headquarters

Climate Marchers Arrive in DC, Urge Action Against Climate Change Now

By John Zangas

The Great March for Climate Action completed an eight month cross-country trek on Saturday, arriving at the White House. Enviros walked their last leg into Washington, DC escorted by nearly 200 people. As they walked from Maryland into DC, they chanted the names of the 11 states they had crossed over 8 months. They sang songs accompanied by guitars and spoke of their experiences. Their arrival marks the beginning of a week of climate actions across the region.

As they arrived at the White House, they called on the administration to immediately begin fulfilling promises it made in 2008, to convert energy production to renewable sources–wind, solar and geothermal.

They read aloud messages written by citizens from across the country. A common theme among them was time was running out to prevent more environmental destruction from fossil fuel energy. In a symbolic gesture of commitment to the environment, they hugged a giant hundred year old oak tree near the White House.

Some walkers joined in the march at points later in the cross-country trek. But all of them gave testimonials of how their experiences were life-changing events. Continue reading Climate Marchers Arrive in DC, Urge Action Against Climate Change Now