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Regulating Pennsylvania pipelines: Whose job is it?

By Candy Woodall, The Patriot News

There are thousands of miles of pipelines moving through Pennsylvania, but no state or federal agency seems to have a single comprehensive list of how many or specifically where they are located.

The state Department of Environmental Protection doesn’t have a list like that, though it does have a comprehensive map of gas wells in the commonwealth.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission has a list of Act 127 (non-public utility) pipeline operators from 2011 through 2013 that includes more than 13,000 miles of existing natural gas lines and those carrying hazardous materials through the state.

But it doesn’t include planned or inactive pipelines that are being designed to carry Marcellus Shale gases from southwestern Pennsylvania to other parts of the northeast. Continue reading Regulating Pennsylvania pipelines: Whose job is it?

EPA Head Challenged to Drink Water from Wells Contaminated by Fracking

By Anne Meador

If you’ve watched Josh Fox’s blockbuster frack-umentary Gasland, you’re familiar with Dimock, Pennsylvania, the town fracked within an inch of its life by Cabot Oil & Gas.

In 2012, the Environmental Protection Agency shut down its investigation into water contamination in Dimock due to fracking, concluding that the water was safe to drink.

Yet last year the LA Times and DeSmogBlog revealed that the EPA had covered up findings showing that fracking wells in Dimock caused “methane to migrate up to aquifers to unprecedented levels.”

A whistleblower at the EPA subsequently alleged that the studies were dropped for political reasons.

Dimock residents with contaminated wells want to hold the EPA accountable. On October 10, some of them traveled to Washington, DC to confront current EPA head Gina McCarthy.

“My water is brown and smells so bad it will make you nauseous, yet EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy tells me and my neighbors that this poison is safe to drink,” said Dimock landowner Ray Kemble. Continue reading EPA Head Challenged to Drink Water from Wells Contaminated by Fracking