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Sagging Sewer Line Could Delay Start-Up of Maryland Compressor Station

By Anne Meador

Damages and multiple violations during construction of a controversial compressor station in Myersville, Maryland have caused its town council to take action to delay the start of operations. What’s more, the harm done to the town’s main sewer line and right-of-ways may have originated with Dominion Transmission’s pressuring of a contractor, who seemed more than willing to take a few short-cuts.

A series of contentious email exchanges between town management and Dominion’s contractor WF Delauter was obtained by a citizens’ group opposed to the 16,000hp compressor station, which would spew 23.5 tons of nitrous oxides and 54,000 tons of greenhouse gases into the air annually. It calls the sagging sewer line “unacceptable,” with repairs requiring “extensive preparation, permitting, and organization.”

14405052687_abc0ca9c9f_nOn June 17–the day FERC gave DTI the go-ahead to begin 24/7, seven-day-a-week construction–contractor head Kirby Delauter applied to a state agency for emergency clearance to begin work on the sewer line. The permit bypassed the 48-hour notice normally required by both Myersville and the state. It authorized emergency electrical repair, not excavation and replacement of utilities.

“Dominion was pushing to get started so they suggested to place it under an emergency locate in order to get it earlier,” Delauter wrote in an email to the Town Manager. Continue reading Sagging Sewer Line Could Delay Start-Up of Maryland Compressor Station