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Groups Say Mexico Disaster Illustrates Gas Danger

Gas Explosion
Opponents of a gas storage project on the west side of Seneca Lake say this explosion at a Mexico City hospital is an illustration of why they are fighting a proposal to store LPG gas in subterranean salt caverns. Photo by LA Times

By Seneca Daily

Groups fighting the storage of propane gas in salt caverns near Seneca Lake sounded an alarm, noting that a gas explosion that severely damaged a hospital in Mexico City on Thursday came from gases identical to those Crestwood Midstream wants to store here.

The explosion in Mexico City was caused when a hose on a gas delivery truck broke and the resulting fumes ignited. A nurse and a baby died in the blast and a second infant died Thursday night, Mexico City authorities said. More than 70 people were injured in the blast that collapsed about three-fourths of the hospital Continue reading Groups Say Mexico Disaster Illustrates Gas Danger