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Atlantic Coast Pipeline Has Alternate Routes in Virginia, not North Carolina

dbbNF.AuSt.156By Wilson Daily Times

Feb. 25–Dominion Resources has identified four possible alternate routes for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in Virginia but the route for North Carolina remains the same.

Jim Norvelle, Dominion spokesman, said no changes in North Carolina’s route are under consideration and the line will continue along the Interstate 95 corridor. The line is currently proposed to cut through the Rock Ridge area and Sims and about 2,000 feet from the Buckhorn Reservoir in Wilson County. Continue reading Atlantic Coast Pipeline Has Alternate Routes in Virginia, not North Carolina

Protests Around the South Target Fossil Fuels

richmond_county_fossil_fuel_protestBy Sue Sturgis, Institute for Southern Studies

Residents of Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia gathered this week outside a country store, rural county courthouses, a Baptist church and a school library to protest the fossil-fuel industry’s harm to local communities.

Photo: Residents of Richmond County, North Carolina rallied this week to draw attention to toxic pollution from a Duke Energy gas-fired power plant. The protest was one of several that took place on Feb. 12 in that state and neighboring Virginia and Georgia calling attention to the harm done by fossil fuels. (Photo by BREDL.)

With the theme “Safeguard America’s Resources,” the Feb. 12 events included a march in Virginia to draw attention to the effects of natural gas pipelines on mountain communities; a prayer vigil and rallies in North Carolina against fracking, power plant pollution and coal ash dumping; and a student protest at Valdosta State University opposing a local pipeline project and calling on the University System of Georgia school to divest from fossil fuels. Continue reading Protests Around the South Target Fossil Fuels