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Attorney Crisscrosses West Virginia and Beyond to Teach About Pipelines

Elise Keaton with Greenbrier River Watershed Association meeting thousands of people

By Michael M. Barrick, Appalachian Chronicle

LEWISBURG, W.Va. – Keeping up with Elise Keaton as she crisscrosses West Virginia – and beyond – is not an easy task. But then, Keaton has a big job – to stay ahead of energy companies rushing to receive approval for the development of several natural gas pipelines.

Elise KeatonIn fact, the pace and tactics of the companies seeking to build the pipelines are such that even the most informed of citizens is finding it difficult to keep abreast of developments. So Keaton, the Outreach and Education Coordinator for the Greenbrier River Watershed Association (GRWA), keeps moving from her office here.

An attorney, Keaton began with the GRWA in mid-October last year. There has been little time for rest since, she revealed. “We’ve held meetings in Montgomery and Roanoke Counties in Virginia as well as in Monroe, Summers, Greenbrier, Nicholas, Upshur, Pocahontas, Lewis and Monongalia counties in West Virginia. We will be in Braxton, Harrison, and Franklin counties within the next month. I’ve probably spoken to and with about 1,500 folks.” Continue reading Attorney Crisscrosses West Virginia and Beyond to Teach About Pipelines