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Virginians Don’t Take Kindly to Dominion’s Bullying Ways

Morning on Virginia's Blue Ridge Parkway. Kay Gaensler/Flickr
Morning on Virginia’s Blue Ridge Parkway. Kay Gaensler/Flickr

By Anne Meador, Cetology

As a native of southwest Virginia, I have been watching the fierce opposition to the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipelines with amazement and pride. With little shale gas reserves, Virginia has remained relatively untouched by the fracking bonanza so far. Many states on the East Coast have quickly succumbed to the siren song of “jobs and tax revenue” promised by the gas companies fracking the Marcellus Shale.

Likewise, pipeline companies try to sell the same bill of goods to the gullible. Conservative Virginia is largely pro-business and pro-industry, suspicious of liberal environmentalists. Dominion’s big bucks have got all the state’s politicians in its pockets. It would make sense if these new fracked gas pipelines were met with little resistance.

But Virginians are no pushovers. Hundreds of landowners have been unwilling to let Dominion survey their land for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. By playing hardball and filing suit against them to get access to their land, Dominion revealed just how much it needs to get this $5 billion project done. It has also got people’s backs up. Continue reading Virginians Don’t Take Kindly to Dominion’s Bullying Ways

Google Earth Tour of Oil and Gas Wells, Pads and Impoundments

The vast number and dense concentration of oil and gas wells–many of them fracking wells–in Colorado, Wyoming, Louisiana, Texas and Pennsylvania is absolutely shocking. Tour of Pennsylvania wells begins at 14:10. Impoundments are toxic fracking wastewater ponds. There are more than 500 in Pennsylvania alone.